[tex-live] Files for non-free fonts missing from new TeX-Livepackageof mathdesign[v 2.31]

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Sep 4 02:04:28 CEST 2013

    Then would it be possible to include the various files that were
    suppressed in the packages that can be obtained with
    getnonfreefonts (which would also be consistent, all in one
    place, fonts and support files)?

What?  No.  TL's policy hasn't changed.  What's changed is my
understanding of the mathdesign package in particular, which contains
complete, usable, fonts (not just support files).

Meanwhile, Paul has just replied to me confirming that he created all
the MD fonts from scratch, not copying characters or other information
from the proprietary fonts.  So all those fonts are actually free,
contrary to what I previously understood (and how his README made it
sound).  So they will all show up in TL again sometime soon, barring
further information to the contrary ...

    I'm a huge fan of Garamond so I had to revert to the previous
    mathdesign package :-(

You could always get the files from CTAN in the meantime.


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