[tex-live] Files for non-free fonts missing from new TeX-Livepackageof mathdesign[v 2.31]

Matthias Vogel Matthias.Vogel at phil.uni-giessen.de
Mon Sep 2 12:50:56 CEST 2013

Hi Karl,

I don't know much about tl's distribution policy. I simply thought that 
Paul designed mathfonts that do fit to the look of existing commercial 
fonts. Perhaps here are two questions to answer:

(a) What kind of kinship relation do the MD-Fonts have to their nonfree 

(b) Can Pauls MD Fonts for commercial fonts be used independently from 
their text font counterparts?

My guess concerning  (a) is, that MD-Fonts are designed to fit to their 
models, but are constructed by own means. But I don't know what kind of 
dependency is involved here and what would follow from that for their 

Regarding (b) I know from experience, that the MD-Fonts can be combined 
with different free or nonfree fonts -- so they can be used 
independently from using their models.

Best regards,

Am Mo., 02.09.2013 00:03, schrieb Karl Berry:
> Hi Matthias,
>      As far as I can see the files from tex/fonts/mathdesign/non-free/ are
>      not distributed with the update.
> Right.  That was exactly the distinction I asked Paul to make.
>      Garamond Pro, Adobe Utopia Std, itc-Charter-ITC-Std and urw-GaramondNo8)
>      are not free, the mathdesign adaptations are.
>>From reading the documentation and talking with Paul, I was under the
> impression that the MD fonts are derived from and depend on those
> nonfree original fonts.  Are you saying that Paul designed all those
> fonts entirely from scratch and they can be used independently?
> I admit I've never tried.
> Best,
> karl

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