[tex-live] Files for non-free fonts missing from new TeX-Live package of mathdesign[v 2.31]

Matthias Vogel Matthias.Vogel at phil.uni-giessen.de
Sun Sep 1 12:41:39 CEST 2013

Dear TeXLive maintainers, dear Karl

thanks for updating the mathdesign package to version 2.31.

As far as I can see the files from tex/fonts/mathdesign/non-free/ are 
not distributed with the update. But although the supported fonts (Adobe 
Garamond Pro, Adobe Utopia Std, itc-Charter-ITC-Std and urw-GaramondNo8) 
are not free, the mathdesign adaptations are. So I think they should be 
part of the distribution. Am I right?

Best regards,
Matthias Vogel

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