[tex-live] folder structure for files included by a cls - package udesoftec

Schuler, J. Peter M. J.Peter.M.Schuler at paluno.uni-due.de
Mon Jul 8 11:28:01 CEST 2013

Dear TeX-Live Team,

I'm the maintainer of "udesoftec" and supplied a package without a .tds.zip and some files were not sorted in the correct directory due to my lack of mentioning them in the README. To solve it I would update the package with a tds.zip, however consulting the TDS documentation I still have no exact clue were to put the files.

My documtentclass uses one of three supplied PDF files (udesoftec-cover-*.pdf) as an background image for the main matter and these files should therefore be included in the package and accessible. The automatic TDS routine puts all pdf's in doc/. Putting them in a local tex root texmf/tex/latex/udesoftec/ seems to work - but is tex/latex/<package>/ the correct folder for such files, or is there a better one?

Kind Regards,
Peter Schuler

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