[tex-live] texdoc for libertine

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Sat Jan 26 10:22:57 CET 2013


Thanks to Karl for his reply, I'll only add a few things.

On 25/11/2012 00:49, Karl Berry wrote:
> 1. It would be better to discuss texdoc things on texdoc at tug.org.
> 2b. Manuel, like everyone, is busy.  Obviously he's not answering this
> mail in real time right now.

Right, and I always read the texdoc list in real time, as opposed to the TeX
Live list which is higher volume (and where I known others are active, like Karl
and Norbert). So really, please post to texdoc@ next time, I guarantee at least
an answer (if not action) in a few days.

> 2. The "texdoc maintainer" (Manuel) doesn't sit around deciding what
> gets displayed!  It implements an algorithm.  Manuel has done much to
> improve the algorithm when bug reports are sent.
Precisely, but I also maintain the alias list which fixes results when the
algorithm is not perfect, and for that I always welcome user (or even better,
maintainer) input, as long as aliases don't need to be changed every other day.

> 2a. Preferring foo.pdf to foo/README does not seem implausible to me on
> the face of it.  I can see the argument that "when foo.pdf is not in the
> package foo it should have lower priority" ... but I'm not sure.  I am
> skeptical of a rule saying that for "texdoc foo", when foo is a package
> name, should only consider files that are literally in package foo.
> Packages just aren't that cleanly demarcated.
Right, I've been thinking for quite some time now, I think having a stringer
notion of package in texdoc could makes things better, but obviously some
packages are more complicated than that,, so I'm not sure whether it will do
more good or harm. (I should implement regression tests, too.)

> 3. The whole problem is going to go away when we remove libertine.  So
> do we really need a lengthy exegesis about it?  I really doubt there are
> (m)any users running "texdoc libertine" and who aren't aware of
> libertine's um, dynamic, status.
So, bottom line, bob: is there anything I should do now, or did the problem
solve itself?


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