[tex-live] texmf-dist -> texmf for TL'13

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri Jan 25 10:43:43 CET 2013

I think it is a good idea

BTW: does anyone know how to ask an existing TL installation where it has placed the equivalents of texmf-var and texmf-config?? i.e. if the users has used the advanced installer to place things in alternative locations?

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Subject: Re: [tex-live] texmf-dist -> texmf for TL'13

> For TL 2013, we have been contemplating merging texmf-dist back into
> texmf, so there would once again be a single tree.

Good idea, but I'd have to change several scripts (e.g. scripts, that search
at TEXMFDIST only for makro names) and maybe some docus. Maybe it would be
better (for me, so it's an egoistic suggestion) to merge texmf into texmf-dist
or at least texmf and texmf-dist into $TEXMFDIST? And maybe for users it would
be easier to remember, that texmf-dist (instead of texmf) is the TEXMF tree
under control of the distribution, while texmf-local is the TEXMF tree for
local changes?

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