[tex-live] small bug re installing x86_64-darwinvs.universal-darwin

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jan 20 23:29:39 CET 2013

Your statements about what is a bug are rather absolutist :).  The
behavior may be unexpected to you, and I can see why you consider it
wrong, but, as it turns out, the behavior is intentional.

It is a consequence of 1) install-tl needing to install the binaries for
the current platform (it is not a cross-platform installer), and 2) the
previously discussed (ad nauseum) decision that all macs are considered
"universal-darwin" for TL purposes.

As another example, when I run the installer on an i386-linux machine,
select any other platform, deselect any other platform, and return to
the main menu, i386-linux has been autoselected again, even though it's
conceivable that the newly selected binaries might run on the current
machine, depending on binary compatibility.

Anyway, this too will go away if Dick et al. decide the installer should
choose x86_64-darwin sometimes.  Otherwise, I can conceivably make a
special case to handle it.


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