[tex-live] small bug re installing x86_64-darwinvs.universal-darwin

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Jan 16 02:50:13 CET 2013

On 2013-01-15 at 23:17:39 +0100, Zdenek Wagner wrote:

 > 2013/1/15 Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org>:
 > >     Norbert should decide
 > >
 > > It's not Norbert's decision.  The universal installation of
 > > universal-darwin was an explicit choice by Dick Koch and other MacTeX
 > > contributors, in conjunction with me, for reasons already given on the
 > > list.
 > >
 > I menat the way how install-tl and tlmgr guesses the platform,
 > uname is IMHO not the good way because it does not exist on
 > windows.

The problem is that uname has different command line options and
provides different output on differnt Unix systems.  config.guess is
aware of these peculiarities and always provides reliable results.

Windows isn't a problem, at least in this respect.  We simply ask Perl
whether we are on Windows or not.  We have to do that anyway before
consulting config.guess because we can't execute shell scripts on


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