[tex-live] pmx-2.6.19

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Jan 15 17:31:23 CET 2013

Bob Tennent wrote:

> As I said in my OP:
>   I want updates at CTAN so users and binary-updating distributions
>   like MiKTeX can get the latest versions

They do not have to be at CTAN in order to accomplish this.

> And if you're unaware of how to achieve my goal, perhaps you shouldn't
> be replying.

Had you stated your goals clearly at the outset,
you may have received quite different responses.

However, you may rest assured that should you ask any
questions in the future, you can be 100% certain that
I will not offer any suggestions.  Have a good day.

Philip Taylor

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