[tex-live] pmx-2.6.19

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Jan 15 16:11:22 CET 2013

Bob Tennent wrote:
> This update at CTAN involves changes to both pmx.tex and the pmxab
> executable. Unfortunately, TeXLive update 28687 -> 28836 updated the
> former but not the latter. I'm trying to find out from the developer
> whether this is a serious inconsistency and it may not be necessary to
> roll back the update globally. I've put instructions at the WIMA site
> and at tex-music at tug.org for either rolling back locally or installing
> the new executable from CTAN, but how should this problem be avoided in
> the future for pmx and similar packages when there are changes to both
> the texmf tree and executables?
> I want updates at CTAN so users and binary-updating distributions
> like MiKTeX can get the latest versions, but how do I discourage
> distributions like TeXLive from updating inconsistently? Would a "note"
> to the CTAN maintainers when I upload an update be sufficient? I had
> thought the presence of a new 2.6.19 tarball would be sufficient.

My understanding (and I am a complete outsider to all this)
is that TeX Live executable images are not updated between
releases. If a non-binary file update /requires/ a an
executable image update, I personally have no idea how
or evn whether this can be accomplished within the present
TeX Live regime.

Philip Taylor

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