[tex-live] small bug re installing x86_64-darwinvs.universal-darwin

tljack at forallx.net tljack at forallx.net
Tue Jan 15 06:16:50 CET 2013

This is the O.P.  Just to be clear, I'm not advocating many *any* tweaks
to MacTeX, and I'm the last person on earth to advocate not supporting
older hardware--I built TL2012 binaries from source on Tiger PPC (yes, it
worked save for xetex and satellites, and even those built on Tiger PPC
for TL2011).

My original post is about installing from the install-tl script from
2012install-tl-unx.tar.gz, and as far as I can see has zilch to do with
MacTeX and its giant .mpkg installer.  I simply found it odd that that
script refused to acknowledge that I am on a 64-bit machine, and didn't
know how to get x86_64-darwin going other than by manually tweaking

I didn't know about "-force-platform" when I posted.

And though I'm not remotely an expert, I don't see why config.guess
would need changing.  Can't install-tl just call 'uname' or some such to
find out if it's on Lion or greater, and then use x86_64 accordingly?


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