[tex-live] failure of amstex installation on x84_64-darwin

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jan 12 23:28:36 CET 2013


It is reading the amstex binary, instead of amstex.tex.  I suspect you
may have been in the /tl/bin/x86_64-darwin/ directory when you did the
update.  Try from any other directory, like $HOME or /tmp or /wherever.
I don't think the problem is related to universal-darwin
vs. x86-64-darwin.

Barbara: for this very reason, it would be more robust if amstex.ini
(maintained by the AMS, I see) said \input amstex.tex (and \input
plain.tex) instead of just \input amstex.

    jack> But there is no log file there about amstex!

Hmm.  What do you have in /tl/texmf-var/web2c?  Since it said:
  Transcript written on amstex.log.
It would seem there is an amstex.log *somewhere*.  Try finding that file
on the system?  It would be nice to know where it went.


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