[tex-live] dvipdfmx: pk vs. pfb

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Tue Dec 31 02:01:57 CET 2013

 >|    on one system, dvipdfmx insists
 >|    on generating a pk file for one of the fonts
 >|Here's what comes to mind:
 >|1) What is the system?

Both Centos 6.5 with TeXLive2013 installed at /usr/local/texlive/2013

 >|2) Is it the same version of dvipdfmx on both?  (d*x's reading of
 >|psfonts.map is "only" a couple years old.)

dvipdfmx-20130405 on both.

 >|3) Maybe there is a stray dvipdfm.map file somewhere on the problematic
 >|system that is interfering?

man dvipdfm doesn't mention dvipdfm.map. dvipdfmx --help suggests
the font map file name is cid-x.map. And though there are some
old dvipdfm.map files on one of the systems, it's the system that
produces the right result.

 >|4) Try setting the envvar KPATHSEA_DEBUG to -1 and/or running d*x under
 >|strace to check if the intended psfonts.map is being read.

Lots of output.  The key difference seems to be

  kdebug:search([t1-stixgeneral]) =>
  kdebug:hash_lookup(MKTEXPK.dvipdfmx) => (nil)
  kdebug:hash_lookup(MKTEXPK) => (nil)
  kdebug:variable: MKTEXPK = (nil)
  kdebug:hash_lookup(PKFONTS.dvipdfmx) => (nil)
  kdebug:hash_lookup(PKFONTS) => .:{$TEXMF/fonts,$VARTEXFONTS}/pk/{$MAKETEX_MODE,modeless}//

on the system that generates a pk, and

  kdebug:search([t1-stixgeneral]) =>
  kdebug:hash_lookup(T1FONTS.dvipdfmx) => (nil)
  kdebug:hash_lookup(T1FONTS) => .:$TEXMF/fonts/type1//:$OSFONTDIR//

on the system that embeds a pfb.  But why?

  >|Try dvipdfmx -f pdftex.map foo.dvi If that works, rewrite your

It doesn't.  Thanks for the suggestions Karl and Akira.

Bob T.

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