[tex-live] collection-langcjk = c, j, k

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Dec 25 23:36:26 CET 2013

collection-langcjk has become one of the largest collections in TL, what
with many new contributions, especially for Chinese and Japanese.  There
is an obvious way to divide it -- give each of the three languages their
own collection, plus retaining the combined langcjk for the appropriate

So, we plan to do this for TL'14.  (There's nothing to be gained by
doing it now.)  Below is what we're thinking for the split.  If anyone
has comments, they are welcome.

BTW, the *c90 packages require files from cjk (as I understand it from
Werner L), so they are best kept together with cjk, even though they are
for thai.


ALL depend cjk
ALL depend cjkpunct
ALL depend cjkutils
ALL depend dnp
ALL depend xcjk2uni
ALL depend zxjafbfont
ALL depend c90
ALL depend garuda-c90
ALL depend norasi-c90
C depend arphic
C depend asymptote-by-example-zh-cn
C depend asymptote-faq-zh-cn
C depend asymptote-manual-zh-cn
C depend cns
C depend ctex
C depend ctex-faq
C depend fandol
C depend hyphen-chinese
C depend latex-notes-zh-cn
C depend lshort-chinese
C depend texlive-zh-cn
C depend xpinyin
C depend zhmetrics
C depend zhnumber
C depend zhspacing
J depend bxbase
J depend bxcjkjatype
J depend bxjscls
J depend convbkmk
J depend ipaex
J depend japanese
J depend japanese-otf
J depend japanese-otf-uptex
J depend jfontmaps
J depend jsclasses
J depend lshort-japanese
J depend luatexja
J depend ptex
J depend ptex2pdf
J depend pxbase
J depend pxchfon
J depend pxcjkcat
J depend pxjahyper
J depend pxrubrica
J depend uptex
J depend wadalab
J depend zxjafont
J depend zxjatype
K depend cjk-ko
K depend kotex-oblivoir
K depend kotex-plain
K depend kotex-utf
K depend kotex-utils
K depend lshort-korean
K depend nanumtype1
K depend uhc

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