[tex-live] double installation | dblatex | docbook.sty not found

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Mon Dec 23 11:38:01 CET 2013

The reason is that docbook.sty is not distributed with TeX Live and
dblatex installed it to Debian's TeX tree. Now dblatex calls latex
from TeX Live (due to PATH setting) and it does not know about another
TeX distribution on your computer. You can either modify the root
texmf.cnf, I define a few development trees (my
/usr/local/texlive/2013/texmf.cnf is attached) or you can locate
docbook.sty (and possibly other necessary files) and symlink it to
your texmf-local (the .sty files will most probably reside in a
directory of its own, so you can symlink the whole directory). After
symlinking you have to run mktexlsr. Both methods should work, the
latter is better because when TeX Live 2014 comes, it will reuse
texmf-local. Both methods will continue to work if you update dblatex
from Debian repositories.

2013/12/23 Lars Madsen <daleif at imf.au.dk>:
> whos path yours or roots?
> you presumably install via sudo which has a completely different path than use the user does.
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> Subject: Re: [tex-live] double installation | dblatex | docbook.sty not found
> Am 23.12.2013 10:54, schrieb Robin Fairbairns:
>> Urs Liska <ul at openlilylib.org> wrote:
>>> I'm having an issue which is probably related to path searching.
>>> I have TL 2013 installed from the web installer. It resides in a local
>>> dir (i.e. in my user dir).
>>> For some dependencies (apt-get build-dep lilypond) I additionally had
>>> to install it through apt-get from the Debian repositories. But my
>>> paths are set so the web installation is used.
>>> Additionally I've installed dblatex through apt-get.
>>> Now when running a build script this fails at the command "dblatex
>>> somefile.tex" with the message "docbook.sty" not found.
>>> tlmgr update dblatex tells me it is up to date.
>>> dblatex is found in /usr/bin.
>>> Somehow I have the impression my manually installed TeXLive and the
>>> apt-get dblatex don't cooperate well.
>> i would be extremely surprised if they did.  the dblatex you got via
>> apt-get will typically be looking in the tex tree that was active when
>> it was installed; so unless you installed it with the tl texmf tree
>> "current", you don't stand a chance.
> When I installed dblatex (I think) my path was set so `which latex`
> pointed to somewhere below /shared/software/texlive.
> This was the case immediately after having done apt-get install texlive...
>>> Any ideas what I could check?
>> can you find docbook.sty from _anywhere_ on your system?  (i can't,
>> neither in the "virgin" ubuntu-installed system, or in my tex live
>> installation, or on ctan.)
> There is not docbook.sty inside /shared/software/texlive
> but one inside /usr/share/texmf
> Which points to your suggestion.
> Maybe it helps uninstalling dblatex, then checking path settings (but
> how?) and reinstalling dblatex?
>> my general rule is not to run the default ubuntu latex, at all, unless
>> i'm in user-support mode.
> I don't use the Debian or Ubuntu (on another PC) latex at all but had to
> install it as a dependency. I know there are workarounds with dummy
> packages, but I didn't manage to do it that way and decided not to care
> about the extra Gigabytes...
> Urs

Zdeněk Wagner

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