[tex-live] Sanity-check comicsans directory structure

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Wed Dec 18 15:35:58 CET 2013

 >|> I suggest you ask for the package to be moved under fonts rather
 >|> than latex/contrib. The fonts directory is for "fonts written in
 >|> Metafont and support for using fonts from other sources".
 >|that is to say (if it says anything at all), the font tree's
 >|description is out of date, and should be corrected.  it would be mad
 >|to declare we can't put type1/ttf/otf in there, as we have been for
 >|quite some time

I left out "(e.g., those in Adobe Type 1 format)".

 >|there's a continual tension (in my mind, at least) between what should
 >|go to the fonts tree and what to m/l/c (or whatever).  most of the time,
 >|we don't have time to consider these philosophical issues, which means
 >|the issues linger (and sometimes fester).
 >|there's a disincentive to clearing up these issues, since solving them
 >|involves a *lot* of archive work.  :-(

Maybe add a link from the fonts tree to the m/l/c
package? *And* from install/fonts/comicsans.tds.zip to


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