[tex-live] Sanity-check comicsans directory structure

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Dec 18 12:49:23 CET 2013

Hi Scott,

On Mi, 18 Dez 2013, Scott Pakin wrote:
> .fd files missing from the CTAN directory.  (They do appear in the
> .tds.zip file, though.)  I'm about to do a new upload including those

Bad, TDS and the normal files should contian the same content.

> files and was wondering if, before I do, you'd be willing to look over
> the directory structure I intend to use (attached)?  comicsans is a

I have a few questions:

> |   +-- comicsans.dtx
> |   +-- comicsans.ins
> |   +-- comicsans.pdf

* are the enc/stz/fs/tex/map files generated from comicsans.dtx?
  If yes, then just drop them in the non-TDS part, the will be generated

COncerning the TDS:
> +-- comicsans.tds.zip

* You should add
  containing comicsans.dtx and .ins

>     +-- doc
>     |   +-- latex
>     |       +-- comicsans
>     |           +-- comicsans.pdf

* and probably add the README here

Hope that helps


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