[tex-live] texdoc perl

bnb at ams.org bnb at ams.org
Tue Dec 10 15:51:04 CET 2013

    On Di, 10 Dez 2013, bnb at ams.org wrote:
    >   bnb at tdev:~> texdoc amstheorem
    >   Sorry, no documentation found for amstheorem.

    Yes, true. But try
    	texdoc amsmath
    and you will get amsldoc and no warning.

absolutely true.  (i use that all the time.)
i did say i purposely tried something i knew
didn't exist.  "texdoc amsthm" is what i would
use if i really wanted that.

    >   bnb at tdev:~> texdoc perl
    > and immediately got another prompt -- and a
    > frozen window (linux via an x-window from a

    That is probably a broken setting of your desktop
    trying to use the browser to open a pdf. [...]

not a browser, but adobe reader directly.
(on one unix system, xpdf is used; on the
system i was trying, it goes for reader.
why the two systems do things differently --
with tex live installed the same way -- is
still a puzzle to me, but irrelevant here.)

    > with tex live 2013, could that please be
    > confirmed?

    I cannot confirm.


    > thanks.  (from a very weary user, whose
    > firefox "went south" last week, requiring
    > several hours for recovery with the attention
    > of one of the sysadmins, since those of us at
    > the bottom of the feeding chain don't have
    > the ability to install *anything* executable
    > on our workstations.)

    Sorry, by crystal sphere is not clear enough at the moment, but
    my wild guess is that:
    * you have installed some special plugins/extensions of firefox
    * firefox got updated on system level
    * the extensions became incompatible or worse
    But fundamentally I don't believe that it has *naything* to do
    with firefox. It should open a pdf viewer.

oops -- the firefox reference shouldn't
be relevant here; i just included that
out of extreme frustration.  yes, the
texdoc call *should* open a pdf viewer,
and for targets where a pdf file exists,
it does so quite readily.

it is appearing more and more likely that
the recent problems will end up requiring
the entire system to be rebuilt.  bummer.

thanks for checking.
						-- bb

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