[tex-live] texdoc perl

bnb at ams.org bnb at ams.org
Tue Dec 10 14:53:30 CET 2013

as much as i hate to do it, i need to bring
this up again.


    You might say, if there is no simple match, just say "not found", but
    that would make texdoc *much* *much* less useful, because now you
    can search with very unspecified terms and texdoc tries to find something

i must first mention that this is with tex
live 2012 (we haven't yet installed the 2013
distribution in an easily accessible place).

i just tried that with a really tex-related
name that i knew did not exist, and got this:

  bnb at tdev:~> texdoc amstheorem
  Sorry, no documentation found for amstheorem.
  If you are unsure about the name, try searching CTAN's TeX catalogue at
  bnb at tdev:~> 

that's nice and helpful.  so i then tried

  bnb at tdev:~> texdoc perl

and immediately got another prompt -- and a
frozen window (linux via an x-window from a
windows session using hummingbird exceed).
i've tried everything i know to unfreeze the
window, but failed; in fact, the window is a
phantom, and has disappeared from the status
bar for the exceed session.  my only recourse
is to relaunch the window, which shouldn't
be difficult, but in fact is failing to
happen -- and even worse, will require at
least taking down the exceed session, if not
an entire reboot of the workstation.

since there have been some reports that
  texdoc perl
didn't report anything, but did no damage
with tex live 2013, could that please be

thanks.  (from a very weary user, whose
firefox "went south" last week, requiring
several hours for recovery with the attention
of one of the sysadmins, since those of us at
the bottom of the feeding chain don't have
the ability to install *anything* executable
on our workstations.)
						-- bb

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