[tex-live] lua path

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Dec 9 21:39:15 CET 2013

Adam R. Maxwell wrote:

> I look forward to your reimplementation of texdoc, whereby
>   texdoc omelet
> will give the appropriate recipe for a 3-egg omelet. Make
> sure it includes cheese.

My hacked version already does something similar :
for input "TeXdoc omelet" it responds "Unknown parameter
'omelet'; did you mean 'omelette' ?" :-)

> Seriously, it sounds like you want texdoc to be the equivalent of
> Apple's Siri or some other purportedly omniscient machine.
> Interpreting user input and giving a possible match is nontrivial
> for a system as massive as TeX Live. If the current texdoc is
> really confusing people so much, perhaps it would be best
> to reject a query that doesn't have a trivial match and just print
> an error message.

That would be infinitely preferable for the current response
to TeXdoc Lua and TeXdoc Perl.

> As I wrote to another poster offlist, far more than just perl
> scripts are included in the guts of TL 2013. Should all of
> these interpreters be known to texdoc?

If it did no more than respond "Sorry, xxx is an internal command
intended for use only by the TeX Live infrastructure; if you need
xxx, you will need to install a copy in addition to that which
is shipped with TeX Live", that would be a useful improvement.

Philip Taylor

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