[tex-live] enquiry regarding Ukrainian "i"

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Dec 3 10:57:42 CET 2013

Семен Тригубенко wrote:

> I'm trying to get myself up to speed with xetex or luatex.
> Right now it seems that the Latex source I've got is not immediately
> compilable by either, so I think some reading up is in order.
> I will let you know the results when I get somewhere, but, meanwhile, if
> someone could think of a cheap way to get Latex to work I would be very much obliged.

(La)XeTeX is your friend.  As soon as you are dealing with the world's
languages rather than just those of Western Europe, it is better to bite
the bullet, adopt Unicode (and hence XeTeX) wholeheartedly, and bask
in the warmth of the knowledge that you will almost certainly never
need to adopt another /ad hoc/ encoding for the remainder of your life.

Philip Taylor

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