[tex-live] dvipdfmx warnings

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Sun Dec 1 23:09:57 CET 2013

 >|> It seems the solution is to use
 >|> \usepackage[driver=dvipdfm]{geometry}
 >|The geometry package can test for latex, pdflatex, xelatex (and
 >|lualatex?) but if you are using latex it has no way of ``knowing'' what
 >|backend processing is going to be used to go from dvi->pdf; the default
 >|it uses is dvips->... since that is the most common path. So for any other
 >|backend processing you have to explicitely tell geometry what to use.

Hi Herb. Other packages (hyperref, graphicx) seem to be able to
figure it out witthout an explicit option, presumably from the
global option. Also, it is somewhat confusing that sometimes one
must use dvipdfmx and sometimes one must use dvipdfm and sometimes
either will do. It doesn't help that there is not even a man page
for dvipdfmx. I sent my complaint here because there seemed to be no
other suitable venue.

Bob T.

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