[tex-live] Per user texmf.cnf

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Mon Sep 3 09:00:46 CEST 2012

On 02/09/2012 18:32, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Joseph,
>     Ah, I see what I was getting wrong: there is a variable "TEXMFCONFIG"
>     and and a variable "TEXMFCNF", and they are not synonyms.
> Right.
>     am I correct in understanding that there is no per user location for
>     which a texmf.cnf file is read as standard (i.e. that TEXMFCNF does
>     not include any directory relative to "~").
> Yes.  (See the definition of TEXMFCNF in texmf.cnf.)
>     If so, am I correct in understanding that the only way to move
>     TEXMFHOME on a per user basis is to set at least one environmental
>     variable (either TEXMFCNF then using a local texmf.cnf to move
>     TEXMFHOME, or setting TEXMFHOME directly)?
> Yes, and I would strongly recommend the latter.  Stay away from creating
> your own texmf.cnf unless it's absolutely necessary.  Usually it isn't.
> Best,
> k

Hello Karl
Thanks for that, particularly last comment: I was not sure from the docs
which of the two solutions was preferred.
Joseph Wright

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