[tex-live] updmap: font rpncri is defined multiple times:

linuxss linuxss at list.ru
Thu Oct 25 08:03:56 CEST 2012

> This is fundamentally not something updmap is prepared to deal with.  I
> suggest finding a different solution to whatever it is you are trying to
> actually do.  Perhaps the answer is to write your own updmap wrapper
> which resorts the map files in the order you want them after they are created.
Yes, I'm doing it with my on script. But I thought maybe someone will 
need it too.

>      by processing an exact order of map files (like they are written in
>      updmap.cfg)???
> The ordering of entries in the .map's has never borne any relationship
> to the order of Map directives in updmap.cfg.
I work with several distribution, some of them a very old. So, I have 
lots of map files with the same tfm fonts, but different pfb (as I said 
If I need to use fonts from several distributions, I need one 
psfonts/pdftex.map, or I can rename these files to
psfonts.texlive1, psfonts.texlive2,.... and load them with \pdfmapfile 
or in config.ps.

So, main problems are:
1) If I load them with \pdfmapfile (pushed it in pdflatex.fmt), I get 
lots of warnings about duplicated fonts (but result is good)
2) The loaded font's order is necessary, because I need to variants:
a) "psfonts_old_texlive.map" + "psfonts_new_texlive.map"
b) "psfonts_new_texlive.map" + "psfonts_old_texlive.map"

I could get a proper psfonts.map from such a updmap.cfg (if it do not do 
the sorting):
Map psfonts_old_texlive.map
Map a.map
Map x.map

I hope you understood what I meant :)

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