[tex-live] updmap: font rpncri is defined multiple times:

linuxss linuxss at list.ru
Wed Oct 24 14:31:49 CEST 2012

Hi, Norbert,

Here is a part of a --help output:
"  Resolving multiple definitions of a font:
     If a font is defined in more than one map file, then the definition
     coming from the first-listed updmap.cfg is used.  If a font is
     defined multiple times within the same map file, one is chosen
     arbitrarily.  In both cases a warning is issued."

Let say I have a few maps, where are several fonts with the same name, 
but different pfb: a.map, b.map c.map.
And I want them to be inserted in psfonts.map in the listed order as in 
updmap.cfg. It seems, that updmap-sys
  (texlive2012) sorts them before the processing.

If updmap.sys is:
Map b.map
Map a.map
Map c.map

updmap-sys creates psfont.map:
% a.map
% b.map
% c.map

So now, there is no way to tell the updmap-sys, that I want to create 
main font maps (psfnt.map/pdftex.map)
by processing an exact order of map files (like they are written in 


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