[tex-live] Libertinotf and libertine-type1 file name overlap and other oddities

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Tue Oct 2 15:20:19 CEST 2012

 >|Since the introduction of libertine-type1 there is a new
 >|   texmf-dist/fonts/otf/
 >|containing nine OpenType fonts in subdirs public/libertine-type1/ and
 >|public/biolinum-type1. The fonts have file names that match ones in
 >|   texmf-dist/fonts/opentype/public/libertineotf/
 >|The former are more recent versions of the latter. I have a few
 >|1. Why is a new directory created? Is it so that xetex/luatex will
 >|    not use these fonts?
 >|2. Could xetex/luatex actually find the former set? Would that be
 >|    good or bad?
 >|3. Is there enough compatability between them that the newer
 >|    versions can just replace the older ones?

The otf directory naming was unintentional. I'll just remove the otf
files; they were only there as the "sources" for the pfbs. It didn't
occur to me that they might interfere with libertineotf.

 >|Other oddities:
 >|We now have three libertines, one actually being named "libertine",
 >|   texdoc libertine
 >|produces the libertineotf documentation. Shouldn't libertine.pdf be
 >|renamed libertinotf.pdf? This causes "texdoc libertine" to prefer

The libertine package (maintained by Herbert Voss) is a compatibilty
wrapper that uses libertine-type1.sty and biolinum-type1.sty to emulate
the simplest possible use of libertine-legacy, which has been removed
from TeXLive. It would be Herbert's call what texdoc libertine should
produce. Perhaps one of us should compose a roadmap through this thicket
of libertines?

 >|The file README-TeX.txt in doc/fonts/libertine-type1/ refers one
 >|   http://linuxlibertine.sourceforge.net/latex/
 >|where exists a file named libertinedokulatex.pdf that appears
 >|to document libertine-legacy. Certainly not linertine-type1.

I'll delete it.

 >|Perhaps all problems will go away when/if the packages are merged.

That will have to wait till libertineotf catches up to libertine-type1
and biolinum-type1; the source otfs are older versions, no longer
supported by the upstream site.

Bob T. 

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