[tex-live] Bug in luaTeX font machinery

Struebing, Axel, le-tex axel.struebing at le-tex.de
Thu Nov 29 13:43:48 CET 2012

Dear all,

The luatex fontloader does check for caches in the system dirs but does not 
generates them there, even if executed by root.

I am not absolutely sure, if this is the right place ... 
Generally I install TeX Live without valid user directories for specific 
reasons: That means e.g. TEXMFCACHE = /NOWHERE where
NOWHERE is a nonexistent directory.

Than the following LuaTeX sample takes a long time to compile:
\font\mytestfont{Linux Libertine O} at 10pt
\mytestfont Hello World!

The fontloader is always looking for some caches and decides to rebuild it but 
never generates them even as root.

Using mkluatexfontdb doesn't help either (as root too). 

I have prepared and attached a patch that tries to generate the cache in 
systemdir if it fails in localdir.

Obviously this only works for privileged accounts but that suits my needs and 
solved the problem.

kind regards
Axel Strübing
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