[tex-live] Texcapacity exceeded

Bernhard Kleine bernhard.kleine at gmx.net
Mon Nov 26 20:08:56 CET 2012


after the fresh install of texlive and kile I could immediately compile
my book (some 400 pages) without further problems. 16 Warnings about
fonts, but no error.

Then I ran biber and biber itself went flawlessly and found all the 432

With the regenerated bbl file, however, texcapacity was exceeded. 

Since I had not edited my files, and the original compilation was
flawless, I thought that it was really a capacity problem. I added to
the texmf.cnf in /usr/local/share/texlive/2012/ the following lines:

main_memory = 5000000
font_mem_size = 8000000
hash_extra = 600000
pool_size = 6250000

After creating fresh format files using tlmgr the compilation again with
the entire bbl file went through. 

Maybe this might help others.

All the best

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