[tex-live] texdoc for libertine

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Sat Nov 24 15:00:51 CET 2012

 >|Maybe that in recent month libertine was changing names and packages
 >|and formats and whatever on a sometimes daily rythm. Nobody wants to
 >|fix these things every day anew.

You're apparently not familiar with the history of these packages.
Perhaps Karl or Herbert could enlighten you off-line.

 >|In this case it is quite simple:
 >|- libertineotf ships a file "libertine.pdf"
 >|- libertine ships a file README
 >|I guess the inner workings of texdoc prefer the pdf documentation,
 >|especially as it has the *very*same*name*.
 >|So please, don't complain about these things, it is a problem of the
 >|libertine maintainers that there are no proper namings of files in
 >|the packages.

Actually, I wasn't complaining about what I thought was an
understandable human error but about why it wasn't being fixed. I didn't
know then that the choice is made dynamically by an algorithm, which
does explain why it isn't an *immediate* fix. Thank you. 

As for the naming of files, note the paths in the following, which are
the first two choices considered by texdoc libertine:


Currently texdoc doesn't choose only from files actually in the package.

Bob T.

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