[tex-live] dvisvgm can't find libgs

Martin Gieseking martin.gieseking at uos.de
Thu Nov 22 09:03:28 CET 2012

> As a result, dvisvgm doesn't find libgs automatically.  It seems like an
> unfortunate consequence of everyone doing the best they can and the
> result being less than perfect.  Put another way, your choice to use
> Debian and not having libgs-dev installed apparently implies the need to
> use the --libgs option.  Just have to be glad it's there :).

I agree with you, Karl. :)

There are some alternatives offered. As Norbert wrote, he already
updated the Debian package so that dvisvgm is now linked with libgs.
Thus, the program should always find the installed libgs out of the box.
Florêncio, I think using these packages is a pretty attractive
alternative if the builds available through tlmgr don't satisfy your needs.

I you prefer staying with tlmgr, there's not much I can do. However, I
forgot to mention that dvisvgm also looks for the environment variable
LIBGS. If you don't want to add option --libgs all the time, just assign
the proper value to LIBGS and you're set. :)


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