[tex-live] dvisvgm can't find libgs

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Nov 22 00:41:50 CET 2012

    The problem I reported happens with the dvisvgm
    binary one gets with TeX Live 2012 using tlmgr.

I don't know what more can be done.

Martin explained that dvisvgm attempts to find libgs.so via dlopen and
certain well-known paths and provides --libgs as a final fallback.  That
is already vastly more than most programs do for finding shared libs.
Looking for libgs.so.8 or libgs.so.9 or ... specifically doesn't seem
like sound software engineering to me, though of course it's Martin's

>From your description, Debian installs libgs.so.8[.871], but not the
generic libgs.so symlink.  Well, I can understand that too.  (It
wouldn't my choice, but I'm not in charge of Debian, to say the
least. :)

As a result, dvisvgm doesn't find libgs automatically.  It seems like an
unfortunate consequence of everyone doing the best they can and the
result being less than perfect.  Put another way, your choice to use
Debian and not having libgs-dev installed apparently implies the need to
use the --libgs option.  Just have to be glad it's there :).


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