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Robert B. Gozzoli r.b.gozzoli at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 01:32:43 CET 2012

Dear Karl,
sorry the email has gone out without finishing it. So I believe that the
proxy creates the problem for the update.
About the documentation, I understand and I accept your point. The point as
usual, is that Humanities have been double connected to MS Word too long,
so LaTeX may never be a standard for them. Manuscripts usually become
formatted with InDesign or similar products. I like LaTeX because the
manuscript file is not separated from the layout. And I am writing a book
which I have to give as final PDF file in any case...

All the best,


On 10 November 2012 07:20, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> I understand and sympathize with your remarks, but the thing is, I've
> already tried very hard to write the documentation as clearly as I can,
> trying to assume as little as possible.  As I'm sure you can appreciate,
> I can't just magically rewrite everything to be less "specialized".  I
> am exquisitely aware that LaTeX itself, let alone the installation, can
> be intimidating, believe me.  We've tried to make the default
> installation on Windows as standard and non-expert as possible.
> If there's a specific point in a specific document that is problematic,
> or introductory matters that you feel are not discussed, I'd be glad to
> hear about any specifics.  Or if some error message happened and
> confused you, we'd like to hear about that.
> I'm just glad you tried to read the documentation at all.  That is far
> from universal!  In general, starting from the top-level web page,
> tug.org/texlive, and specifically the installer documentation,
> http://tug.org/texlive/doc/install-tl.html, might be best.  But everyone
> learns differently.
> Finally, regarding wget, TL itself provides the binary for Windows.
> There is normally no reason you even need to be aware of this.  So I
> wonder how it is that you have to deal with it.
> Thanks for your comments.
> k
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