[tex-live] Implementation of dvipsDownloadBase35 in the map files

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Nov 5 01:17:34 CET 2012

    CSTeX is now being updated by Petr Olsak. 

Nice.  I noticed the new alpha cs* things showing up on CTAN.

    updmap(-sys) offers options dvipsDownloadBase35,
    pdftexDownloadBase14, LW35. Is it possible to prepare the map files
    in such a way that they will obey these options?

Well, maybe.  What those options do is simply switch between different
pre-made map files for the base fonts.  For example, dvipsDownloadBase35
says whether ps2pk35.map or dvips35.map is used (see around line 1027 in
updmap.pl).  Those map files (ps2pk35, dvips35, et al.) are maintained
by hand.

Presuming the 8z map entries will be stable once they are done, we could
just add the entries to the above base .maps once they are done.  That
would be the easiest approach.  If they must be separately maintained,
well, updmap would have to be hacked to support it, one way or another.



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