[tex-live] `texdoc texsort' gives `cuted.pdf'

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Sun May 27 10:23:46 CEST 2012

[I write to this list since Robin is reading this too.]

The command

  texdoc texsort

displays `cuted.pdf' (from the `sttools' bundle), which describes
itself as

  Insert some onecolumn material in full-width on double-column page.

However, `texsort' in the package description reads

  Sort/compress numerical lists.

This doesn't fit to this document.  Note that all other PDF files from
the `sttools' bundle aren't related either.

BTW, a very special beast is the file `presfull.pdf' (also from
sttools): Starting with page 7, there is completely unrelated stuff!
At least I think that pages related to `Leukocyte Chemotactic Factor
Production' and `Acetylcholine receptors, nicotinic' are not, hmm,
on-topic :-)


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