[tex-live] Report of pretest intallation in Windows XP and 7.

Dan Luecking luecking at uark.edu
Thu May 24 20:02:36 CEST 2012

I have installed the pretest on window XP SP3, and on Windows 7.
Mostly it went well. I installed a custom scheme and all errors
(except one, but I'll get to that) seem to have been my fault.

Once I had everything installed, I installed some extra packages,
deleted others, and ran tlmgr update --all. All went well on both

The winXP installation was on my office computer with a fast
internet connection. It completed in just over 1 hour with no

The win7 installation was on my laptop with a home DSL connection.
It took a little over 3 hours total, with a glitch at about 2.5
hours, probably due to a corrupted download.

I have only two concerns.

1. Th mentioned glitch was a message from tar, complaining of
"unexpected end of (something)" followed by a pop up window
saying perl "has stopped working" and the installation aborted.
I think this was a corrupted download of xifthen. It seems
strange that an error in tar could lead to perl hanging, but
that could be windows-specific.

When I reran install-tl.bat after the abort, it detected the
aborted installation (file installation.profile detected) and,
successfully completed the installation in about 45min. It
did not, however, remove installation.profile, which affected
future test-runs.

2. I was using install-tl-advanced.bat. The gui asks one question
on winXP that it doesn't ask on win7:
    Install for all users?
This is a concern because I still had TL2011 in my system path
on both machines. The system path is pre-pended to a user-specific
path. If I don't install 2012 for all users, the 2012 binaries
come after the 2011 binaries. On winXP I answered the question
"No" and the above problem occured, requiring me to correct
the paths by hand.

I decided to answer the question differntly on win7, but the
question was not asked! The 2012 binaries were added to my
user path and I again had to correct the paths by hand.

For both these I was using install-tl-20120522. I have since
checked install-tl-20120523 on win7 (still not asking) and
this morning install-tl-20120524 on winXP (still asking).

That last one had fully functioning vertical scroll bars (but
no horizontal scroll bars).

I have so far used pdftex in 2012 to create a quiz, without
problems (both dvi and pdf output). I've use kpsewhich with
expected results and also tlmgr.

BTW, both systems are single-user in practice. I have for a long
time been setting
in the texmf.cnf in the TeX Live root directory. Thus updmap and
updmap-sys do the same thing and I have never had the problems
recently discussed on the TeX Live mailing list.

Thanks for the excellent work and best regards,


Daniel H. Luecking
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Fayetteville, Arkansas

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