[tex-live] Sorting out updmap/updmap-sys-troubles

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed May 23 16:28:08 CEST 2012

Hi Ulrike,

On Mi, 23 Mai 2012, Ulrike Fischer wrote:
> Well I'm a miktex user. I don't have TeXLive. I can't look myself
> ;-). That's why I asked. 

So then mention that please, I don't keep track who is using which
system, esp if the question is posted on the TL list ;-)

> If the default installation is as normal user, why do the users have
> to bother with updmap-sys at all? On miktex with a single-user
> installation in a restricted account you only have to (can) use
> updmap.  

If it is a single user installation, no need to care or to make 
a difference at all.

But we are catering not only for single user installations ....
I had for example on our department back in Austria several
platforms including windows mounting *one* TeX LIve installation
and using the same installation.

It all boils down what you need. If it is single user/singel computer
then anything is fine, that is *trivial*. If we would not consider that,
half or even much more of the winblows specific code could simply

Best wishes

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