[tex-live] [tlpretest]: updmap-sys error

Uwe Siart uwe.siart at tum.de
Thu May 17 07:32:17 CEST 2012

On 17 May 2012 at 8:18, Norbert Preining wrote:

> Which verison of updmap was that? THe one from tlpretest from yesterday
> or the one from a few days ago?

It's the latest version. I installed yesterday and updated right now. 
The error remains.

> can you do the following:
> Edit the c:/Programme/texlive/2012/texmf/scripts/tetex/updmap.pl
> around line 1198, in the 
> 	sub enable_disable_maps {

d:\>updmap-sys --enable Map=lucida.map
updmap.pl is using the following updmap.cfg files (in precedence order):
updmap.pl: top config file c:/programme/texlive/2012/texmf-config/web2c/updmap.cfg has not been read.
updmap.pl: currently read config files:
updmap.pl:    c:/Programme/texlive/2012/texmf-dist/web2c/updmap.cfg
updmap.pl:    c:/Programme/texlive/2012/texmf/web2c/updmap.cfg
updmap.pl: good bye. at c:/Programme/texlive/2012/texmf/scripts/tetex/updmap.pl line 1203.
C:\Programme\texlive\2012\bin\win32\runscript.tlu:587: command failed with exit code 255:
perl.exe c:/Programme/texlive/2012/texmf/scripts/tetex/updmap.pl --enable Map=lucida.map

I found that the very first call (when texmf-config\web2c\updmap.cfg 
does not yet exist) works fine. As soon as the new updmap.cfg is 
created and thus contains one entry all subsequent calls of updmap-sys 

PS: It could well be that I'm off with no internet access till Sunday 
evening. But then I will continue testing immediately.


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