[tex-live] Bug#668562: Interoperability problem of frenchb.ldf and xeCJK.sty

Daniel Flipo daniel.flipo at free.fr
Tue May 1 21:36:28 CEST 2012

Hi Sun, hi all,

A bug report (see http://bugs.debian.org/668562) was made a fortnight 
ago.  The origin of the problem is that xeCJK assigns "\XeTeXcharclass" 
4 to 6 to various ASCII characters instead of creating its own classes 
with "\newXeTeXintercharclass".

A minimal example of the bug follows:

Yet another test file that shows a problem (the origin is the same) 
between polyglossia/french and xeCJK.sty:
% A spurious space is added before the 4 chars , . ] )
a,b.c x[z]y  u(v)w

The fix I suggested on April 19th was to define 3 named 
"\newXeTeXintercharclass" and to use them instead of raw 4, 5, 6 
classes, but I got no feedback from Sun.

Sun, please tell us if you are willing to fix this issue, thanks in advance.

I can fix it on frenchb.ldf side, but polyglossia or any package making
use of XeTeXinterchartokens' mecanism will have to add the same fix 
also, IMHO it is not the right way to go.

Best wishes,
Daniel Flipo

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