[tex-live] request from the author of media9 and media15

Alexander Grahn A.Grahn at hzdr.de
Tue Mar 20 17:30:08 CET 2012

Dear TeXLive maintainer(s),

now that my `movie15' package has been removed from TeXLive, I call for
either including my new package, media9, in TeXLive or to remove package
`flashmovie' from TeXLive as well.

I am not keen on being a squealer, but I strongly feel unjustly treated
here.  I have no idea, how flashmovie could make it into TeXLive while
its README clearly states that embedded media can only be played back
in Adobe Reader 9 and above.  Perhaps, this statement was suppressed on
first upload, allowing the package to sneak in.  I don't know.

To make it clear: flashmovie is 100% dependent on Adobe Reader.

Besides its sloppy documentation (README refers to the sty file for
further information) it is poorly programmed and deficiently tested.
Due to missing `%'s at line endings and lots of interspersed empty lines,
the user command for embedding media files inserts spurious space and
paragraphs in front of and behind itself.

In anticipation of action from your part,
kind regards,
Alexander Grahn

PS: Thanks to all supporters in the `[tex-live] movie15 and media9' thread,
providing so many reasonings against the absurd banning of anything that has
the slightest relation to non-free software, which would cut off half of
the TeXLive tree, if not its stem, if applied rigorously.

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