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Simon Spiegel simon at simifilm.ch
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On 18.03.2012, at 15:15, Norbert Preining wrote:

> On So, 18 Mär 2012, Philip TAYLOR wrote:
>> to install the free Adobe Acrobat reader [1].  There is no possible
>> reason for them not to do so other than prejudice or dogma.
> * horrible security history
> * "phoning home" javascript
> * what else do you want ???
> Using acro* is simply wrong, and energy should be invested in improving
> open source viewers, not preaching for a horrible dangerous and privacy
> ignoring product.
> If you are not aware of that, please read http://lwn.net/Articles/129729/
> or any of the hundreds of other resources clearly explaining how evil
> acrobat really is.

I'm not sure whether this just is your personal opinion or official TL policy. If it's the latter it's patently absurd. Enforcing the non-use of Acrobat (or other "non-free" software for that matter) means nothing less than declaring TL useless for professional print. I can't see anything positive coming from such a policy.

(The opposition of using Acrobat and "investing energy in improving open source viewers" is a wrong one BTW. Discouraging the use of Acrobat will have no direct benefit for the development of alternatives. It will not encourage more developers to spend more time for developing an open source pdf viewers, it will just drive users away who don't care about such ideological battles and only want a software which helps them to perform a specific task)


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