[tex-live] "Update all installed" following virgin install does nothing

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Fri Mar 16 01:16:43 CET 2012

Norbert Preining wrote:

>> at the time that TeX Live 2011 was released that I had
>> no intention of using it until it was frozen in preparation
> So then you do not need "Update all" at alll ... yeah!

No, exactly the opposite; since there have been no
well-deserved whinges that a recent update has
f****d things up, it is /fairly/ safe to now do
an "update all".

>> Yet now it no longer does it, and I spotted some
>> "Win32" thingy has been updated; has it perhaps,
>> even if expected, now been fixed ?
> Impossible unless *you* have changed something, either by
> removing or reinstalling something. We did for sure NOT
> change the DVD you are using ... well maybe I have
> telepathic capabilities to change the bits on your disk ..
> hahaha, you got me, now you know why everything always
> breaks on your computer!

Not being entirely beyond hope, I had already changed
the default repository and updated from the network;
after that, the formats are no longer unnecessarily
rebuilt, no matter how many times I repeat the
vacuous "update all".

>> The text beyond this point does not appear.
> It does appear, but is scrolled upward.... I know ... but you can change
> the size of the subframe.

Not knowing there was anything significant in the
concealed part, I was not motivated to reveal it.

> Besides that there are those people that:
> - use a rsync mirror of CTAN on their hard drive
> - use some other mirror system
> and all of them don't use a *network* repository but something
> that you call "static medium", but which is updated in different
> ways.

Your argument is not entirely without merit.

> Furthermore, there are those who make partial installations, and
> don't want to update anything, but only add missing packages.

That action is not "update all installed"; it is
something completely different.  It would not be
unreasonable to postulate two different default
respositories, one for additions and one for updates.

> (That would be something for you, you don't need to wait for the
> repo to get frozen, just use the DVD as is and be happy).

Much too early : TeX Live 2011 as released on DVD is far
too immature to be risked.

> I think from all this useless long emails there are two points to keep:
> - verify/confirm and if necessary fix the association point
>    that is a real bug
> - think about how to make it easier/more obvious for the users to
>    change the repository
> We will think about it and take appropriate measures.
> Thanks a lot

My pleasure : thank YOU :-)
** Phil.

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