[tex-live] TeX Live 2011 & PS_View

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Fri Mar 16 00:25:17 CET 2012

Norbert Preining wrote:
> Hi Philip,

Hallo Norbert ...

> First of all, you have been around here for long enough, that you *should*
> know what comes, or you should have written it right in the beginning:
>    Which installer did you use?
> So assuming that you used the wizard installer, that is the 5-click-finished
> installer that is the default on WinBlows, I am surprised to see that,
> the default is to change only *new* associations. So if you did NOT
> have any default association, one will be created by the installer
> to ps_view. But if you have already one, then it should NOT be changed.

I used whichever installer is launched by the Autorun
feature of the virtual DVD; in other words, I behaved like
the naive user that I am, and modulo changing to
where it was to be installed (see earlier bug report
about inability to change to non-existent directory),
I made none of my usual "advanced" changes at all.
This is a new virgin system, and within reason [1]
I am content to leave it as I find it.

> Now that opens a few questions more:
> - did you really have an association?
> - which OS version?

Yes (the Adobe Acrobat Professional installation would have
created one); Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit running in a VM
under Windows Virtual PC in Windows Enterprise 64-bit.
i7, 2,6GHz, 16Gb RAM.

> (Tomek, Siep) Can you provide a pointer into the registry where one
> can check that by hand?
> If that has really changed an existing association, that this is a bug
> and I am surprised that it has not been uncovered in the last 2 years,
> because we didn't change that part of the code since long time.

Now you /know/ I always find undetected bugs as soon as I try
to install TeX Live :-)

** Phil.
[1] Where "within reason" means adding two hard discs for data (D) and
executable images (E), leaving C for operating system.  TeX Live, being
the horrible mish-mash of executables and data that it is, is banished
to the D: drive since it clearly can't be allowed to mingle with pure
executable images :-)

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