[tex-live] syntex.5 has many warnings from groff

Mitsuya Shibata mty.shibata at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 17:19:23 CET 2012

Dear TeX Live maintainers,

web2c/synctexdir/man5/synctex.5 has many warnings from groff.
$ man --warning -l web2c/synctexdir/man5/synctex.5 > /dev/null
mdoc warning: Using a macro as first argument cancels effect of .Li (#61)
mdoc warning: A .Bl directive has no matching .El (#272)
mdoc warning: Unknown keyword `-offset' (or missing display type)
              in .Bd macro (#277)
<standard input>:277: warning: macro `display-type-stack1' not defined
mdoc warning: Empty input line #311

(reduced duplication)

In attached patch, use to following resolutions.

.Li's warning is about ".Li Qq foo" lines. First ".Li" means
"this line is literal text", second is "do quote foo".
I changed they lines to ".Qq foo", then got same result
without warning.

.Bl/.El waring means "not ended list structure".
I added .El to appropriate place.

.Bd warning means "not specify display typei for display block".
I added "-literal" option.

Empty input line is line which is just only ".".
I removed it.

Best regards,
Mitsuya Shibata
mty.shibata at gmail.com
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