[tex-live] Lua2DoX

Simon simon at purrsoft.co.uk
Tue Jul 31 11:37:30 CEST 2012

Dear TeXLive team,

Not sure about timings but have you considered putting Lua2DoX into the 2012 

I have just got it to a releasable state and it should be useful for those 
developing luatex coding, so it would be a good idea that it go in this 
year's disk rather than wait 'till next summer.

Lua2DoX is an autodoc tool for lua code. I know we are supposed to be right-on 
and do things literately but being able to retrospectively document code is 
rather useful.

Doxygen is the defacto standard in the C-like world. It allows filters so 
people have written then for Pascal and so on. I tried to make it work with 
TeX but the namemangling was too horrid. So the requirement is to write a 
complete doxygen clone for TeX.

TeX2DoX is partially written. To make it portable and accessible to TeX guys I 
decided to write it in lua. 99% code in lua with some veneers into TeX.

To let me write the lua parts I wrote Lua2DoX. This is an interim package to 
a) assist me with the writing of TeX2DoX b) allow others to document their 

The autodoc tool noses your sources and looks for interesting features. Any 
code will have csname defs and so these can be found. So we know that "\fred" 
was found on line 94 of wibble.sty. We can also add some magic comments to 
supplement the documentation.

A useful tool to add, I hope not too late.

Simon Dales
"The impossible is easy"

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