[tex-live] A strange bug with luaLatex and the fourier fonts

Benoit RIVET benoit.rivet at free.fr
Mon Jul 30 00:04:24 CEST 2012

I just happened to stumble upon a bug with luaLatex as shipped with TexLive 2012 (more precisely MacTex 2012, but I doubt that this is a Mac specific bug). The following minimal example compiles fine with pdflatex and gives quite a nasty result when compiled with LuaLatex.



No bug in the next two equations~:
\[ \sqrt[3]{\sqrt{p^{2}}} \]
\[ \sqrt[3]{\sqrt{\frac{p}{2}}} \]
And a nasty bug in the last one with lua\LaTeX~:
\[ \sqrt[3]{\sqrt{\frac{p^{2}}{2}}} \]
Everything compiles fine with pdf\LaTeX, or with \LaTeX's default fonts.


This bug seems to happen only with the fourier (or fouriernc) fonts : I tested this example with other fonts (computer modern, cmbright, euler, arev, [math]iwona, [math]kurier, kpfonts, TexGyre Pagella, XITS, txfonts and pxfonts) : no bug.

Strangely enough, the [garamond]{mathdesign} package exhibits the bug, but not the other mathdesign fonts ([utopia] or [charter])...

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