[tex-live] texdoc not working in texlive 2012 for win

Salvatore Vassallo salvatore.vassallo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 16:50:49 CEST 2012

I've installed TeXLive 2012 on a windows 7 machine (collections basic
binextra doc-base doc-english doc-italian fontsextra fontreccomended
fontutils formatextra genericextra genericreccomended htmlxml
langenglish langitalian latex latexextra latexrecommended mathextra
pictures plainextra pstricks texworks wintools).
Texdoc-gui does not work at all and if I launch texdoc from the command
line I obtain the following error message

c:/texlive/2012/texmf/scripts/texdoc/texdoc.tlu:7: module 'texdoc.main'
not found:
        no field package.preload['texdoc.main']
        [kpse lua searcher] file not found: 'texdoc.main'
        [kpse C searcher] file not found: 'texdoc.main'
        [kpse All-in-one searcher] file not found: 'texdoc'

Moreover when I run updmap in my  home folder texlive creates a folder
named .texlive2008 instead of .texlive2012

I've made the same installation of TeXLive on another pc (always with
windows 7) and I obtained the same error.
On both machines TeXLive 2011 worked properly

How can I solve these problems?

Salvatore Vassallo

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