[tex-live] Biber broken in current TL2012

Marcus Frings iam-est-hora-surgere at despammed.com
Thu Jul 12 07:40:47 CEST 2012

Hello everybody,

I reported this issue in comp.text.tex a while ago:


On recent 32bit versions of Debian biber is broken in TL2011 and now in
TL2012, too. This is already fixed in the most recent version of biber
(v1.0 which is intended for biblatex 2.0). However, TL2012 is still
providing (broken) biber 0.9.9 with biblatex 1.7, but Phil Kime has also
uploaded a fixed version of biber 0.9.9 (with no increase of version
number) to the Sourceforge project page.

Could you have a look at it please and replace the broken version with
the fixed one? Thanks a lot!

Best regards,
Zapp Brannigan: "You win again, gravity!"

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