[tex-live] TeX Live not using ASLR on Windows

Markus Kohm markus.kohm at gmx.de
Sat Sep 24 12:02:42 CEST 2011

Am Samstag, 24. September 2011 schrieb Philipp Stephani:
> It is more or less
> common knowledge that ASLR should be enabled for all applications on
> all operating systems, except for debugging purposes.

AFAIK Linux and Mac OS X do so by default. 

At Windows either the admin has to force usage by registry or developers have 
to use linker options /DYNAMICBASE and /NXCOMPAT to enable it using Microsoft 
Linker since 8.00.50727.161 or the developers have to use Microsoft Linker 
version 10.0 or later (and AFAIK never the less should use option /NXCOMPAT).

AFAIK Microsoft does not support ASLR with Windows XP. So tests with ASLR 
enabled could be done only using Vista or Win7. But maybe I'm wrong.

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