[tex-live] correct location for papersize info

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Sep 23 01:18:00 CEST 2011

Hi Frank,

    Debian has patched texconfig so that it can handle more paper sizes

Who wanted what as a default besides letter or a4?  Just curious.

    I have added a function that parses the paper dimension information in
    dvips' config.ps and can put everything it finds there into
    pdftexconfig.tex in proper syntax.  


    the things that people change in config.ps are also the units:  We came
    along a config.ps that has the mm values in the first line for A4
    changed to bp.  

It may even have been that way in some released version or another.

    I would like to extract the paper size information from config.ps
    and put the file at some place where texconfig can read it.  

So that all that paper size info is in two places?
That also seems undesirable ... ah well.

    I'm asking here where you think such a file, let's call it
    papersize.cnf, should be put in a texmf tree.  TEXMF/web2c looks
    good to me ...

I agree TEXMF/web2c looks like a perfectly reasonable place.


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