[tex-live] how to check out version X of package Y from SVN?

Maxwell, Adam R adam.maxwell at pnnl.gov
Fri Sep 16 02:02:51 CEST 2011

On Sep 15, 2011, at 15:55, Mojca Miklavec wrote:

> A slight drawback might be that it is not 100% reliable to parse
> texlive.tlpdb (it is updated later than the package, so I need to be
> careful that I don't try to fetch files with file list from a
> different revision), but I will try to make sure that I only check
> revisions right after texlive.tlpdb update.

Do you know about the dump-tlpdb action for tlmgr?  That's the best
way to get access to the tlpdb, if you really need it.

If it helps, there's a Python script to parse it here:


It basically builds a list of simple container objects, which are
then saved to an Apple property list or an sqlite3 database (Mac
OS is not required for any of this).


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